GTA Vice City Download for iOS Devices

It has been around 10 years since the highly popular game Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released but it doesn’t quite seem that way, for gaming freaks enjoy playing it till date, which is probably the reason why the developers thought of bringing the classic game to iOS devices as well.

GTA Vice City Download for iOS

The deal is pretty good too – for just $4.99, you get to play this legendary game in its full might on your iOS devices. Although there have been a few updates so far, it does seem that the full game is on offer. The updates were mainly brought about to improve the touch screen experience and give it a better resolution.
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Top 3 Gadgets for Music

Are you a music lover? What a silly question, who doesn’t like the music?! All of us enjoy music, it is just the matter of taste. In this world gadgets are very popular. All kinds of gadgets you can find in the market. It’s even hard to track what technology offers to us daily. Every day this evolution of gadgets grows more and more. But it is good for us. It cannot harm you. It can just make you to enjoy your life much more than you used to.

Try to answer this question! What is a gadget for you?

A gadget can be called a small technological object. Let’s call it a fancy technological object. Maybe the word ‘widget’ suits it better. Gadget has a particular function, but it is often thought of as an innovation. Gadgets are regularly considered to be something more unusually or skillfully designed than normal technological objects of their time invention.
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Things That Make Windows 10 Worth Buying

Gone are the dreary icons and the same old sluggish boot up graphics – now you can enjoy a much more splendid and colorful Windows, which will definitely make it seem like a totally new operating system altogether. As we know there have been many major changes that have been made in this OS, let’s take a look at the top five of them that make Windows 8 worth buying:

Even though the OS is hasn’t went on sale yet, these are some facts that will make it sell-able.

1. Dynamic Tile Based Interface

Look at the beauty, doesn’t it look awesome. Yes it does.


Image source

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Pudding Monster from “Cut The Rope” Creators – Best Game Ever!

The creators of Cut The Rope, a highly popular game that almost became a rage with millions of downloads to its name, both on the Android as well as the iOS platform, have launched yet another potentially engaging game known as ‘Pudding Monsters’.

Though the game was showed off by the developers a couple of weeks earlier, it is only now that the app has actually been released in the app store. The android version is not out yet, and for now, it is available for download only on the iOS store which means you can play it on iPhone and iPad.

Pudding Monster

Pudding-Monsters-screengrabsBut mind you – it is not a free app, although it comes at a pretty inexpensive price of $0.99, which it thoroughly deserves keeping the mind the fun it has the potential to offer. Basically the game involves joining or sticking together various blocks of desserts to build larger dessert monsters.
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